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05/02/08 : click click

most of the passengers shrugged off this young man's cultural insensitivity insensitivity and forgot about his hat as soon as they disembarked but the photographer li zhao never american teen's snide grin as he held out his camera saying take a picture you click not knowing what to do obliged handing back nineteen years later climbed aboard the boston T wearing a three-cornered hat a long black coat brass buttons and ruffles bulging underneath the hem and black leather buckle boots hardly able to contain himself he scanned the car for his target at the oppostie end of the car stood a boy not older than fifteen clutching the overhead rail his eyes betraying the bored disappointed meter of american life made his way through holding his digital camera and upon reaching cleared throat spoke in practiced colonial english young man take this device record my picture at once city shall be returned to england matter never seen a coolpix before button very top click nodded at arm's length sna

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